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Earwax Removal Services in Feltonville, NC

Cary Audiology provides professional earwax removal services in Feltonville, NC, and nearby locations.

The glands in the ears naturally create earwax to lubricate the ear canals and shield them from debris and dust. Earwax usually leaves the ears on its own, but occasionally it can build up and produce a blockage. Earmold or hearing aid wearers are more prone to earwax blockage. Professional earwax removal is the safest way to rid your ears of excess earwax.

How can you tell if you have too much earwax?

Earwax typically changes color as it ages. Earwax changes color as it ages and picks up more dirt and debris; new or “fresh” earwax is typically lighter in color.

Each person has a unique amount, color, and texture of earwax.

The following signs of earwax accumulation include:

  • partial or abrupt hearing loss
  • ears that are humming or ringing (tinnitus)
  • experiencing a distinct discomfort or pain in the ear 
  • itchiness or flaking in the ears

Earwax removal is crucial because failure to do so could result in infection and other problems. Remember that other underlying conditions may also cause earaches, vertigo, or hearing loss. An audiologist can check your ears and determine whether the root cause of your ear discomfort is excessive earwax or some other medical condition.

What happens if you have too much earwax?

Excessive earwax can accumulate and harden, blocking the ears and preventing healthy hearing. If left untreated, it can also result in ear infections and discomfort. If you observe any of the following, you probably have too much wax built up. An audiologist can perform professional earwax removal to relieve any discomfort.

How safe is DIY earwax removal?

There are many at-home kits for removing earwax; the question is, are they safe and efficient?

Earwax removal kits are often available over-the-counter in most pharmacies and retail establishments. Typically, these kits include a small rubber syringe and a liquid that aids in softening ear wax. The kits provide instructions on how to perform DIY earwax removal. The formula usually provides bubbling or fizzing sensations.

DIY earwax removal kits should not be used by those who have pre-existing ear issues. Before attempting DIY earwax removal, it is strongly advised to consult with an audiologist or hearing care professional.

Methods of earwax removal to avoid

Most people try to clean their ears, remove earwax, or unblock their ears by using Q-tips or cotton swabs. As audiologists, we highly advise against using cotton swabs to remove wax because doing so could push the debris further deeper into the ear canal, perhaps causing severe harm to the ears.

Only wipe the outside portion of the ear with cotton swabs. To prevent damaging your inner ear and puncturing your eardrum, never use cotton buds or any other pointy things within your ear canal.

Earwax Removal Services in Feltonville, NC

It’s best to trust experts when it comes to earwax removal and ear cleaning. Cary Audiology offers professional earwax removal services in Feltonville, NC, and nearby areas. 

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