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Hearing Tests in Apex, NC

Hearing issues could manifest even before you reach senior age. If routine hearing exams are not carried out, a hearing problem may go undiscovered for months or even years. Untreated hearing loss can result in social disengagement, depression, and other medical issues. You should visit an audiologist to have a hearing test if you experience any hearing issues.

The application of the required therapies and communication approaches depends on the early diagnosis of hearing problems. Cary Audiology uses state-of-the-art technology to evaluate the auditory system.

Cary Audiology provides hearing tests in Apex, NC.

What to expect during a hearing test?

Hearing tests are generally quick and painless. A routine hearing test may be completed in 30 minutes. Most people who have their hearing tested are asked to respond to brief tones transmitted into their ear(s) while using headphones or earbuds. These tones are played at varied volumes and pitches.

Through a hearing test, an audiologist can detect hearing loss in one or both ears and pinpoint the extent of the loss. Hearing tests are frequently carried out in a soundproof environment to ensure the accuracy of the assessment. Most types of hearing loss develop gradually, making regular hearing testing essential.

Why would you get a hearing test?

You might not feel compelled to obtain a hearing test if you believe your hearing to be in good shape. The first to notice changes in your hearing are typically those closest to you – your spouse, colleagues, friends – basically, those with whom you interact frequently.

Have any members of your family ever commented about the high volume of the TV when you’re watching? Do you find it difficult to hear others speak when there is a lot of background noise? You may be experiencing signs of hearing loss.

Hearing loss sometimes creeps up gradually, and you may only notice it until it is in the severe stage. Therefore, you should get your hearing tested regularly.

How often do you need to get a hearing test?

Regardless of whether hearing loss is acquired or genetically inherited, hearing aid users are advised to get hearing tests at least every 12 months. Because hearing loss usually starts as mildly unnoticeable, you might not be aware that it is occurring. 

Hearing loss can be genetically inherited or acquired due to noise exposure, the effects of aging, or the side effects of medication. Since hearing loss is dynamic and often progresses slowly, which unfortunately means it can go undetected and worsen over time. The risks of undetected hearing loss are manifold. As a result, ongoing hearing tests are recommended for high-risk groups such as people above the age of 60, industry workers, and musicians. 

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Online hearing tests may be an attractive and convenient option than making an appointment at a hearing clinic, but the results may not be very reliable and cannot identify the extent of your hearing issues. Getting a comprehensive hearing test performed by an audiologist is still the best way option if you encounter any problems with your hearing.

Hearing Tests in Apex, NC

Cary Audiology Associates offers thorough hearing tests in Apex, NC, and nearby areas. We offer comprehensive diagnostic tests that are used to distinguish between hearing loss brought on by an underlying medical condition and hearing loss brought on by noise exposure, presbycusis, or genetics. All our audiologists are board-certified to conduct hearing diagnostics and evaluations.

Our team is committed to providing personalized hearing care to help you communicate in the best way possible. We aim to give the highest level of personalized hearing care, inclusive of follow-up care and maintenance to ensure your auditory needs are met. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!