Regular maintenance of your hearing aids is essential. Not only can it keep them working to their highest standard, which will improve your sound experience, but it will also help them avoid needing repairs.

Here are all the benefits of hearing aid maintenance to avoid repair work.

Take Them Out in Hot or Humid Settings

Taking your hearing aids out in hot and humid settings will ensure to keep your hearing aids free of water and moisture. Moisture can corrode the internal parts of the hearing aid, which will cause rust. If this happens, repair work will be needed. Hence, taking them out and storing them in the right case will guarantee avoiding repairs.

Cleaning Tools

Using the right cleaning tools and cleaning your hearing aids regularly will ensure to help you avoid repairs. Cleaning wipes and wax removal tools will keep them in their best condition.

Store Them Correctly

The correct storage is an essential part of maintaining your hearing aids. A dry, protective and dehumidified case will ensure to keep your hearing aids safe from breaking and moisture.

Turn Them Off When They Not in Use

When you do take them out to store them, such as when you sleep or shower, then make sure to turn them off. If you do not turn them off, then they might not be modern enough to turn off by themselves. This will drain their battery.

Maintaining the battery of your hearing aids is essential so that you can avoid flattening the battery or causing it to rust. Poor battery quality will hinder the efficiency of your hearing aids, which will result in you need to take them in for repairs. Hence, always make sure to turn them off when they are not in use.

Check the Earmold and Ear Hooks Frequently

The earmold and ear hook are external parts of the hearing aid, which need to be looked after. If you damage them, then the hearing aid will not fit snugly, which can be uncomfortable. Plus, it can hinder your sound experience. Eventually, they will need repairing so that you can enhance your comfort and sound quality.

Hence, always check these external parts so that they are kept in the best condition.

Visit Your Audiologist

Regular visits to your audiologist are another step in the hearing aid maintenance process. They will expertly assess the internal parts of the hearing aid to make sure that everything is in working order. Attending these checkups will ensure that the hearing aids will not break and, therefore, need repairs.

Simple care and maintenance of your hearing aids will help you avoid repairs. It is effective to clean them, store them, turn them off and check their external parts regularly to ensure that they are in their best condition. After an audiologist can assess their internal parts and overall function to make sure that they are in working condition, which will help you avoid future repairs.

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