More people than ever before are aware of the consequences of hearing being damaged. We know more now than we used to and we know that people are aware that losing hearing isn't just something that happens to the seniors out there. The good news is that plenty can be done to protect your hearing and that's ear protection. If you are concerned about your hearing, you need to consider the fact that your audiologist can help you to ascertain how bad your hearing is, manage your hearing loss and protect it going forward.

More than just earplugs

There is so much more to ear protection than just earplugs and it's an important part of hearing loss prevention to know your options. There are several custom varieties available and your audiologist will work with you to find the most beneficial product for your specific needs.

Up-front investment for durability and lifespan

Did you know that custom earplugs are actually inexpensive in the long run? They last longer than the cheap disposable ones and they offer the best possible ear protection for you. If you're visiting an audiologist for your custom-made ear protection, it will serve you longer and save you money than consistently buying disposable options.

Ear protection for ear infections

Cheap earplugs are great on the wallet, but not in your ears. These disposable plugs can more readily harbor bacteria, which can multiply in warm and moist environments like your ears. This can lead to ear infections if not properly washed and maintained. Custom earplugs are coated in material and antibacterial layers that will prevent bacteria growth. It's a more effective option for those who need to frequently wear ear protection.

Maximum comfort

Not all earplugs are suited for everyone. Ear anatomy differs from person to person, which means you can get the best fit with custom options. The guarantee that your ear protection will fit your ear canal can make a massive difference to your comfort levels and will make you more likely to wear it.

Hearing loss prevention

The reason you are using ear protection counts here. If you have to wear ear protection, it's because you need it and the better the fit, the better your comfort. Not only this, you will have the best defense possible against hearing loss as you are minimizing the amount of damage your hearing will receive.

It's always better to invest in your hearing health and custom-made ear protection is the best option if you spend an extended period of time immersed in noise. Speak to your audiologist today about which options best suit your needs.