In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids are devices that are made to fit your exact ear anatomy to provide you comfort and audibility functionality. They are designed to fit in your ear canal thereby lowering the risk of getting tangled.

ITCs are ideal for those with severe to profound hearing loss. They come in various colors for you to choose from and are cosmetically appealing. There are skin colors that can blend with your skin tone.

Their in-canal aesthetics is ideal for those who might be self-conscious about having a visible hearing aid. They are typically battery-powered and can last several days depending on usage, the severity of the hearing loss, and the level of technology of the ITC device.

Improved sound clarity

Since they are sculptured to fit the lower third of your external ear (cavum concha) covering a wider surface area, they reduce acoustic leakages. These leakages can cause feedback, which is a whistling sound that is heard when the receiver and microphone are too close together. In these cases, the microphone tends to isolate and pick up high-pitched sounds which can be overly distracting to the user.

The dual microphones fitted in them aid in improving speech understanding in a noisy environment. They work by picking up sounds better to enable the user to understand the varying tones of speech. They moderate loud sounds to prevent audio distortion while ensuring ultimate clarity for soft sounds

Additional features

ITCs can come with a wide range of productive and convenient features such as wireless and telecoil. These features work to connect devices such as mobile phones. Enabling the user to pick up electromagnetic signals from the phone rather than the sound from the receiver.

This feature makes for great audio clarity for the user. Extraction cords can also be attached to help insert or remove them from the ear. Those without the best manual dexterity and reduced vision can easily use them seamlessly.

ITCs' medium size makes them a great choice for push-button controls such as volume and memory. They are also unlikely to get loose while you talk or chew, especially if you have a straight and inclined ear canal shape.

Visit your audiologist

The best way to know if ITCs are best for you is by visiting an audiologist near you. They can prescribe the best hearing aid device for you based on your needs and the diagnosis. Finding the right hearing aid device can greatly improve the quality of your life and offer comfort.


ITCs are recommended for most levels of hearing loss. However, you need to conduct your research and visit an audiologist to find what works for you. The comfort that these hearing aid devices offer tends to make the users forget that they even have them in place.

Remember to regularly clean your ITC with cleaning wipes or cleaning spray and cloth to remove any dirt or wax. Such routine practices will make your hearing aid device last longer to keep you enjoying its functionality.